Academic Classes

Little America offers several special classes for high-level elementary and junior high school students to elevate their English skills to give them an academic advantage. The Academic Class Goal is to give Japanese students an advantage over public schools, juku and regular English school programs by studying, doing and experiencing activities and lessons American elementary and junior high school students encounter in their respective schools. Success in the Academic Class should be a stepping-stone to successful international experiences in Japan, trips abroad and a higher chance of admission to international schools in Japan and abroad.


Student Requirements
  • Students already enrolled at Little America: Must currently be a Denver (advanced) or Rocky Mt. (honors) student and receive a recommendation by their teacher.
  • Non-Little America students need to take a short English test and have an interview with Helene Uchida.

Teacher: Helene J. Uchida (A substitute teacher will be arranged when Mrs. Uchida conducts seminars or is out of the country.)

Schedule & Tuition

Class Levels Ozasa Daimaru Tuition (with Tax)
Jr. Yale 10:30-11:30 Sat   9,000 yen (9,720 yen)
Jr. Academic 19:00-20:00 Tue 18:00-19:00 Mon
  17:00-18:00 Sat
Sr. Academic 19:00-20:00 Wed  
Brooklyn   18:00-19:00 Fri 

Multiple Lessons

Lessons/Week Tuition(With Tax)
Bronze card member 2x Additional 4,000 yen (4,320 yen)
Silver card member 3x Additional 7,000 yen (7,560 yen)
Gold card member 4/5x Additional 10,000 yen (10,800 yen)

Registration Fee & Materials

Initial Cost Price(With Tax)
Registration 10,000 yen (10,800 yen)
Materials Between 6,000 yen and 7,000 yen
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