Little America has a strong interest ad background in teaching returnees and bi-national children. We have taught over 200 such children.

Little America believes returnee and bi-national children are special not only because they are bilingual but also because they have experienced school and life in two different societies. They are Japanese treasures because of their experiences and wisdom.

Because Japan is an EFL society, there are few chances for these special children to maintain their English. Little America, in its own way, would like to help these precious students keep and improve their English through its American curriculum and lessons which covers grammar, phonics, spelling, writing, reading, vocabulary and book report presentations.


School principal,
Helene J. Uchida

We have two RETURNEE levels:

*Jr. Returnee: for children aged 6-10 who lived abroad for a minimum of two years.

Location: Ozasa
Day & Time: Tuesdays 6-7
Teacher: School principal, Helene J. Uchida

*Sr. Returnee: for children aged 10-13 who lived abroad for a minimum of three years

Location: Ozasa
Day & Time: Wednesdays 7-8
Teacher: School principal, Helene J. Uchida

Please contact Satoko Kanai for more information and to arrange for a level check before observing a class.

TEL 521-8825
Email: Here