History and Philosophy

How Did We Begin?

Little America began in 1979 in Sohei Uchida‘s judo dojo where his wife, Helene Uchida (a former New York English teacher) taught English on tatami mats to three elementary school children.

As word spread, more and more students came until there was no space to teach all of them. Classes increased; teachers and staff were hired and trained; buildings were rented, and word even spread outside of Fukuoka.
With the strong belief that Japanese need to experience English rather than study it, Helene Uchida continues on her mission to help Japanese people, from various backgrounds and varying degrees of ability, be able to interact in English in a positive and sociable way.

Education Philosophy of Little America English School

Little America believes Japanese need to experience English more than they need to study it.

Little America believes Japanese need to experience English more than they need to study it.

We feel it is Little America’s responsibility to create positive experiences for all our students when they visit our school. Thus, our classes are designed with activities to help students experience English in a meaningful way each time they come to class. In addition, we think it is important for our students to develop a sense of confidence and independence as a result of experiencing English at our school. Each lesson at Little America contributes to supporting our students in their quest to be able to speak English with confidence and pride.

We teach Western social skills in all of our classes, from children to adults. We encourage our students to use polite English phrases, body language and gestures. We also teach about Western holidays and traditions. Our goal is to nurture students with confidence and broadmindedness so they may enjoy social interactions more both here in Japan and abroad.

Little America Original English Teaching Method

Our motto is, “You can depend on Little America.” We are here to help YOU enjoy your time in our classrooms. With over thirty years of experience studying and observing how Japanese acquire English, we would like to share with you the results of our findings so they can be used at our school to your advantage. Little America, by helping teachers, parents and educators, hopes, in its own small way, to be a catalyst in triggering effective and real English education that Japanese can get their hands on and, as a result, be better able to successfully interact and communicate in a meaningful way with their neighbors all over the world.

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